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Recognized Laboratories

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ELR Process



Environmental Laboratory     Recognition Application Form (ELR     Form 1)

ELR Guide to Applicant


EMB Laboratory Quality Policy Statement

We, at the Environmental Management Bureau Laboratory, in support of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ mandate to preserve and protect the environment, are committed to generate reliable, accurate, traceable, and good quality data that will be used in the formulation of environmental criteria, standards and policies; assessment of the quality of the country’s environment; adjudication of pollution cases; and assessment of the enforcement of environmental standards and policies.

It is therefore the policy of the EMB Laboratory to implement and maintain a high standard of quality in the laboratory through continuous and sustained staff training, acquisition of appropriate materials, maintenance of existing facilities, and participation in inter-laboratory exercises and other proficiency tests.

Formulate, develop, coordinate and implement short-term and long-term research programs at the national and regional levels


EMB Laboratory Recognition

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Administrative Order No. 63 Series of 1998 (DAO 98-63) defines the Guidelines for the Designation of DENR Recognized Environmental Laboratories.

The recognition scheme was conceived for the following reasons:

to complement DENR analytical facilities for environmental characterization and monitoring,
   environmental impact assessment (EIA), pollution control and management, and research and

to involve the private sector in environmental analytical services;

to harmonize laboratory analytical procedures and techniques; and

to promote the use of QA/QC practices in environmental measurements.

The recognition scheme covers 27 parameters for water and wastewater, 19 parameters for ambient air and air emissions, 6 parameter groups for sediment and biota, and involves 5 steps, namely:

Level 1
: Application phase;

Level 2
: Laboratory inspection and assessment;

Level 3
: Proficiency testing;

Level 4
: Review and evaluation of data and information; and

Level 5
: Issuance of the Certificate of Recognition by the DENR Secretary.









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