Laws and Policies - Environmental Impact Assessment

PD 1586 June 11, 1978 Establishing the Environmental Impact Statement System including other Environmental Management and Related Measures
Office Circular No. 3 Nov 7, 1983 Technical Definitions and Scope of the Environmentally Critical Projects and Areas Enumerated in Proc. 2146
Council Res. No.4 Dec 11, 1984 Revised Rules and Regulations Implementing PD 1586
DAO 92 -21 1992 Devolution of the EIS to the EMPAS (EMB Regional Offices)
AO 300 (Malacanang Administrative Order) Nov 4, 1996 Further Strengthen the Philippine EIA System and Clarifying Authority to Grant/Deny ECC
DAO 96-37 Dec 2, 1996 Revising DAO 21 and Further Stregthen the EIS System
DAO 99-37 Aug 23, 1999 Operationalization of the Environmental Revolving Fund (ERF)
DAO 2000-05 Jan 6, 2000 Programmatic Compliance
DAO 2000-37 Apr 10, 2000 Standard Costs and Fees Relative to the Implementation of the EIS System
MC 2001-01 Apr 5, 2001 Guidance on the Implementation of DAO 2000-05, Scope of the EIS Programmatic Compliance Policy
AO 42 (Malacanang Administrative Order) Nov 2, 2002 Rationalizing the Implementation of the EIS System and Granting Authority to the EMB Director and Regional Directors
MC-2002-15 Nov 25,2002 Scope and Guidelines for the Imposition of Fines and Penalties under the Philippine EIS System
EO 190 (Malacanang Executive Order) Mar 31, 2003 Abolishing the GCCDC and Transferring its Powers and Functions to the DENR
MC No. 2003-004 Jun 6, 2003 Amendment to the Limits of Piggery Heads that would require an ECC
DAO 2003-30 Jun 30, 2003 IRR of the Philippine EIS System
MC 2003-21 part1, part2 Sep 30, 2003 Guidelines on the Availment of the Reduction of Penalties for Projects Operating Without ECC
MC 2004-001 April 23, 2004 Non-requirement of Barangay and/or local government unit Endorsement and Locational Clearances for CNC Applications
MC 2004-002 Aug 30, 2004 Certificate of Non Coverage (CNC) for Barangay Micro Business Enterprises (BMBEs)
MC 2004-04 Oct 05, 2004 IEE Checklist for Economic Zone Enterprises
DAO 2004-61 Oct 07, 2004 Delegation of Authority to the General Manager of the Laguna Lake Development Authority to Grant or Deny the Issuance of ECC/CNC for Projects located in Environmentally Critical Areas (ECAS) within the Laguna De Bay Region
MC 2005-01 Jan 5, 2005 Procedural Manual for DENR Administrative Order No. 30 Series of 2003 (DAO 03-30)
Memorandum Sept 08, 2005 Clarification on the Provisions of Section 11 of the Procedural Manual for DAO 2003-30 "Fines, Penalties and Sanctions."
DAO 2005-02 Feb 8, 2005 Exemptions of Projects located in PEZA from securing ECC from LLDA
MC 2005-07 Nov 14, 2005 Environmenatl Performance Report and Management Plan (EPRMP) Checklist for Economic Zone Enterprises
Memorandum Jan 18, 2005 PEZA Seeking Clarification on EIA Policy
DAO 2005-06 Apr 6, 2005 Guidelines for the Institution of the System of MEIC
MO 2005-21 Dec 21, 2005 Supplemental Guidelines to MEIC
MO 2006-01 Feb 21, 2006 Suspension on the Implementation of the MEIC
MC 2006-003 Sept 19, 2006 IEE Checklist for Wind Energy Projects
MC 005 Dec 19, 2006 Clarificatory Guidelines in the implementation of DENR Administrative Order No. 30 Series of 2003, IRR for the PEIS
MC 2007-001 March
09, 2007
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Review Manual
DMC 2007-08 Jul 13, 2007 Simplifying the requirements for Environmental Compliance Certificate or Certificate of Non-Coverage Applications
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