Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) Checklist Report

The IEE Checklist is a simplified form designed to assist proponent’s land transport project/s in complying with the EIS system. The IEE Checklist, to be accomplished and submitted before undertaking a project, consists of a series of questions that deals with issues and concerns about the proposed project and its environment. The questions will also provide the proponents with information on environmental impacts, both positive and negative, which will be caused by the proposed project.. The IEE Checklist has to be submitted by all government and private sector proponents applying for an ECC covering the abovementioned projects. The information contained herein will serve as basis for the review and assessment of the EMB Regional Office for the issuance and/or denial of the ECC
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Batching Plant Project
Composting Facility
Fishery Project (Internal Based)
Community-Based Forest Resources Utilization Project
Gasoline Station
Selected Housing, Land Development and Other Building Project
Selected Irrigation Project
Land Transportation (Bus, Jeepney) Terminal
LPG Storage
Marble Slab Processing Plant Project
Mini-Hydro Power Plants
Piggery Farm Project
Plastic Recycling
Poultry Farm Project
Power Barge Project
Public Market
Rice Mill Project
Selected Roads and Bridges Projects
Sand and Gravel Project
Collection, Transport, Treatment and Disposal of Sewage
Slaughter House
Small Scale Lime Extraction Project
Telecommunication Antennas, Mobile Phone Cell Sites and Similar Facilities
Private Land Timber Utilization Project
Tourism Project
Power Transmission Lines and Substation
Cold Chain
Grains Highway
Ro-Ro Terminal
Small Water Impounding
Rehabilitation or Expansion of Port Facility
Philippine Economic Zone Authority
Wind Energy Projects
Sanitary Landfill